Catisfield Village Association

- Dawn Wallace (Chair) 
- Laurie Fenwick (Secretary) 
- Mike Hayden (Treasurer)


Coffee mornings are 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. on the 2nd Tuesday of every month except during August and December. Annual membership is £2 per person. Coffee mornings are £1.50 and include coffee, tea, and biscuits.

Further Information

This association was founded in 1976 to encourage social contact within the village areas. Membership is open to all residents who live in Catisfield Lane, Catisfield Road, and the roads leading away from them. Two newsletters per year are delivered and, in addition to the coffee mornings, various other social events are organised each year, including; quiz nights, carol services and whist drives, and every alternate year a garden trail is organised during the summer.


Regular Users

(over 80 hours per year)

£9.50 per Hour

Regular Users

(less than 80 hours per year)

£10.70 per Hour

Casual Users

(min 3 hours)

£17.00 per Hour

Margaret Day
Meeting Room

(Minimum Booking 3 Hours)

£5.00 per Hour

Get in touch with us, in Fareham, Hampshire, to hear more about our events venue.